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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 6, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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to the anvil of truth, reject it. join me at from new york. from new york. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> jim: the latest in the tragic coal mind accident. president bam has change in nuclear policy and iraqi president warns not to leave too soon, saying now is too soon. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm jim angle in for bret baier. the top story tonight, the efforts to find survivors and remains from the worst u.s. mining disaster since 1984. 25 miners are dead, four others are missing. the blast occurred monday at the massey energy company sprawling upper big branch mine about 30 miles south of charleston, west virginia. we have live fox team coverage in a few minutes. first, a new nuclear policy for the u.s. for decades, the u.s. has protected itself and its
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allies leaving open the possibility the u.s. would resort to nuclear weapons if necessary. now president obama says he is changing that, narrowing the circumstances as well as nations that might be threatened by the use of nuclear weapons. white hou correspondent mike emanuel has story from the pentagon. >> reporter: four top officials laid out the president obama plan to shift focus from threat of superpower war to unfriendply regime and terrorist seeking nuclear weapons. >> we are re-calibrating the priorities to prevent nuclear terrorism and proliferation. we're reducing the role and number of weapons maintaining a safe, secure and effective deterrent to protect the nation, allies and partner. >> reporter: the gain more international cooperation from countries such as russia and china, the administration is promising to constrain when the u.s. will use the nuclear fire power.
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>> the review describes how the united states will reduce the role and numbers of the nuclear weapons with a long-term goal of a nuclear free world. >> reporter: but with regime such as iran and north korea defying the international community developing the nuclear weapons, the nuclear posture review, n.p.r., has special rules for violators of the non-proliferation treaty. >> if you not playing by the rules and you are going to be proliferator, all options are on the table in terms of how we deal with you. >> reporter: the policy promises that the united states will not develop new nuclear warheads and will continue to abide by the pledge not to conduct nuclear testing. but gates, the holdover from the bush administration argued in october of 2008, for modernizing the nuclear arsenal or producing a new nuclear warhead. >> to be blunt, there is absolutely no way we can maintain a credible deterrent and reduce stockpile without resorting to testing the stock pile or pursuing
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modernization program. >> reporter: today he asked $5 billion transferred to department of energy to refurbish the nuclear arsenal. >> gates said he sees the investor program we put forward to congress as credible modernization plan to deal with the issues. >> reporter: president bush released his posture review several months after the 9/11 attacks and argued shifting away from the cold war thinking but allow a commander in chief more flexibility regarding use of nuclear weapons. >> with the bush nuclear posture review, there was an attempt to reduce somewhat reliance on nuclear weapons but it left the door wide open. to use it against threats but this doesn't do that. >> today, john mccain and jon kyl said the $5 billion to maintain existing warheads
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was woefully inadequate and say it must be corrected and they argue the best way to confront proliferation in fighting nuclear terrorism is confront iran and north korea. jim? >> jim: mike, thank you very much. we will bring you a full analysis for the plan later in the show with the all-star panel. now to the west virginia mining disaster and chances of finding survivors grow slimmer each hour following the huge underground explosion blamed on methane gas. we have fox team coverage. james rosen looks at the company safety record but first, correspondent jonathan hunt is in west virginia, where the families are praying and hope is fading a. >> reporter: the rescue effort is proceeding as quickly as possible but the painful truth for the waiting relatives it's by necessity pain-stakingly slow. president obama offered all federal help to the rescue effort and sympathies to the
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effected families. >> my deepest condolences and thoughts and players to the family of the workers. >> they're trying to drill in the hole to the mountain that contains the upper big branch mine. the holes will allow a huge build-up of the poisonous gases to escape and that in turn will allow rescuers to go back into the mine, but it may be wednesday night before even the first hole is completed. >> it will be a long slow process. >> west virginia governor joe manchin says the situation does not look good for the four miners still missing but that miracles can happen. >> if i'm on that side of the table, that's my father or uncle or cousin, i have faith. >> the hope that remains is on the faint possibility they may have made it to the one air-tight chamber inside the mine that the rescuers have
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not yet reached. 31 miners were in the vicinity of the explosion when it happened 3:00 p.m. monday. along with the four missing, two were taken out injured and 25 confirmed dead. relatives of some of those killed are angry with the company running the mind, massey energy, because they say the massey representatives did not call them personally. instead they found out by word of mouth or from the government officials that their loved ones had died. >> his wife edith is at home on the couch and hasn't slept since she heard the word and has yet to be contacted by massey corporation or received one phone call from an official at massey. >> perhaps in response to the comments, the ceo of massey corporation has been meeting face-to-face with some of the families effected in the past couple of hours. there will doubtless be more accusation and recrimination
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in the coming days and weeks. although the focus for the vast majority of people right now is on the rescue effort. the people in the small west virginia community that lives and breathes mining are still hoping and pray i praying that miracles may emerge from the mountains. >> jim: jonathan, thank you. as he alluded to, even before the dead are buried the fingers of blame are pointing. correspondent james rosen reports when it comes to mining disasters there appears to be plenty of blame to go around. >> if legislation is needed we will pass it immediately. >> the history of mining, perennial profit punctuated by the burst of legislative action shows safety rules are sometimes ignore and sometimes poorly enforced by the federal and state government. upper big branch mine, site of the blast and fate of three fatal -- site of three fatalities in the last 15 years.
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they had been slapped with $2 million in fines since 2007. >> massey in general had excellent safety record last year. we watched their safety increase. this particular mine is troubling. they would not let the mine continuing operating with the ventilation violation. what they were cited for was not being able to dilute and carry away the methane. >> after the sago mine disaster four years ago, the mines were outfitted with the airtight emergency chamber with four days of food, watered water and air. >> indications are from what we found underground majority of miners didn't have the opportunity to utilize some of the better things that were put in the mine act in twikt 2006. >> the charleston gazette mail said only four mines in america had the required tracking equipment. last week, the inspector general reported that more
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than the veteran inspectors were not retrained as required and more than a quarter of the workers admitted being ill-trained. with the rescue efforts underway and investigation many months from completion, officials seem to suggest the faulty compliance and enforcement were to blame. >> operator was aware of some of the conditions. again, we will have the time to slice and dice every one of the violations issued here in our investigation, and determine if we issued it correctly or if there is anything that msha could have done differently in the inspection in the mine. >> the afl cio president blamed the incident in part on the "reckless corporate con doesn't." massey's website said last year was the safest ever. public hearing will be held by the congress, jim. >> jim: thank you. vice president biden wants the government to do a better job of getting progress reports from recipient of
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grants from the stimulstimulus. white house says 65,000 recipients filed paperwork in the last quarter and 1,000 did not. the government attempt to regulate the internet suffered a setback today. a federal court says they don't have authority for net neutrality policy to provide the broadband providers give treatment to all traffic flowing over the network. stocks were mixed today. dow failed to break 11,000 by dropping 3 1/2. the s&p 500 gained two. the nasdaq added 7 1/4. there was a whole lot of shaking going on in southern afghanistan, thanks to the u.s. special forces. and another shake-up at the republican national committee.
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>> jim: in america headquarters, shake-up at the republican national committee. recent controversy after an
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afterhours donor to west hollywood nightclub caused serious damage and now heads are rolling. chief political correspondent carl cameron joins us live. good evening. >> well, thank you, jim. this is one of those things where the republicans admit their chairman michael steele's tenure has been rocky, so some of the harshest critics think the current house cleaning is a step in the right direction. he has been criticized for verbal gasps, wasteful spending and described more of a show horse than workhorse. he hasn't been well advised. when the receipts turned up for the young dondonors, somebody's head was going to roll and his chief of staff took the hit yesterday. then anderson bailed out, too. most think it's overdue. the republicans hope to win big in november and right now the headquarters is not in game shape. >> jim: chairman steele is the top guy. what about those who say that the --
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>> the buck stops with him. right. people say that. this started before the lesbian bondage fiasco, there were problems. members of the committee were pushing for no confidence votes against steele last summer. his job is probably safe as long as the congressional leaders, mitch mcconnell and john boehner in the house and the mississippi governor haley barbour, if they say so, he stays on. election is seven months away. republican activist think this is a bad time to change the chairmanship but they are spending too much money and they need the donation in order and they have to recruit and polish candidate. they are demoralized. they want change. at a time the republicans should be favorable condition in the mid-term, endless distraction. >> jim: you utter a phrase i never thought i'd hear on television. lesbian bondage fiasco. thank you, carl. in california, former ebay chief executive meg whitman pumped another $20 million in her campaign to become governor, to bring the total contribution from the
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personal fortune to $59 million. the polls have her way ahead of the republican rival and neck in neck with former governor jerry brown. in iowa, never too early to think about the next presidential race. correspondent steve brown reports something that didn't even exist in the 2008 campaign could be a major player in 2012. >> we are working to take back our country. >> the tea party movement emerged in iowa. >> we have been working hard to organize committees. we will have an effect on the upcoming primary as well as the general election in november. >> the founder of the des moines tea party group says the e-mail list exceeds 2,000. statewide, he estimates 10,000 iowans have affiliated with a tea party group. with the 2012 caucus two years away, the iowa g.o.p. sees them as the likely republican vote but tricky to win over.
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>> it's organic. it isn't controlled by a political party but it's frustrated, dissatisfied iowans making their voice heard. >> given the independence, the votes may be collected the old fashioned way. one at a time. it's possible that the tea parties won't fit in well with iowa republicans. think back to two years ago. the 2008 republican caucus winner was mike huckabee. >> caucus goers in general in iowa embrace the social conservative. >> because the tea parties are more inclined to back the candidate than the party, the leader believe that the tea party votes are in play for democrats, too. >> if this is about the issues, like the fiscal responsibility, i continue to believe the democrats have a message to deliver the positive message. >> tea party leaders in iowa say voting for democrats is not out of the question but
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it seems unlikely. >> the democratic party is not the party of truman, kennedy, or jackson or even fdr. >> they is similar criticisms of the entrenched republicans. given the tendency to skepticism, they may be of the toughest 2012 caucus votes to collect. steve brown, fox news. >> a washington state man has been charged threatening to kill democratic senator patty murray over her support for healthcare reform. charles wilson was arrested in yakima today and the f.b.i. says he left threatening messages on her office voice mail and were traced to wilson's home. republicans on the senate judiciary committee says obama's nominee to ninth circuit court of appeals tried to hide his most controversial work. goodwin lu sent in 117 item
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left out of his original items to the committee. president obama taking flak from supporters on the left over the policy on terror trials. the man that wants to be iraq next leader wants president obama to put the brakes on the troop withdrawal. these days, money market funds are paying less...
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>> jim: in news around the world, afghan military commander says 27 insurgents were killed in fighting in western afghanistan today. characterized as a major blow to taliban influence in the region. afghan soldier killed and an american soldier wounded. another bloody day in iraq as the outburst of violence
6:23 pm
claimed 49 more lives and some warned the u.s. about pulling out too soon. our reporter is in baghdad. >> reporter: they scrambled through the rubble searching for v survivors and found fortunate few. this was a soft target. with american assistance scarcely called upon, the man who thinks he is the nation's next prime minister following last month inconclusive election urged the united states not to pull out as planned. >> there should be formation of a government and then they should leave, but without government in place taking care of the count country --[ inaudible--[ inaudi] >> saying there will be violence, doesn't it provoke it and make it self-fulfilling prophecy? >> in the course over of the democracy where you have a stable iraq is being hoo being d
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and that will thrown the country into violence. once the country is in violence as before, this will spill over to the region and vice versa. >> he believes that the violence will escalate dramatically while his rival the incumbent prime minister nouri al-maliki schemes away, he says, in overturning seats the opposition won. as the residents stay in their home in stunned silence there is a nagging question. are we back to the bad old days? i think his call for troop suspension will call on deaf ears for the time being even if it's a serious plea for help. the state department and the american generals in iraq are monitoring events hour by hour when there is this much violence and they can slow pace of withdrawal while government is formed. however, it will require many more attacks and on a wider scale than we've seen in five
6:25 pm
days for president bam become to rethink the august -- obama to rethink the august deadline. dominic di-natale, fox news. >> jim: gaindia has the second fastest growing major economy in the world behind china. maoist rebels killed 75 indian troops in a series of attacks there today, and came amid indian offensive aimed to crush maoist. britain will hold national election may 6. prime minister gordon brown asked queen elizabeth to dissolve parliament marking the start of the general election campaign. brown's labor party is trailing conservatives in the polls. the same music that drives the parents of teenagers crazy also has a military applicatiapplication. we tell you about it in the grapevine. beware of criminals talking healthcare reform.
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>> jim: now the latest from the political grapevine. aapparently criminals trying to take advantage of the new healthcare reform law to take advantage of you. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius are warning about scam artists hawking phony -- hocking phony healthcare policies, after hustlers are going door-to-door saying there is a limited open
6:30 pm
enrollment period to buy insurance now, which is not true and she says people set up 1-800-numbers to sell fake coverage. americans say the country should prioritize the development of energy supply over protection of the environment. gallop organization says this is the first time that energy won out over the environment in ten years it's asked the question. the numbers right now, 50 to 43 for energy development. three years ago, the environment won by 58 to 34 margin. american special force used weapon against the taliban. music. heavy metal, rock and country were blasted from the powerful speakers to as one officer put it, blank off the tell ban. quote, the taliban hate that music. some locals complain but it's a way to push them to choose, and is motivating marines as well. among groups on the play list metallica, the offspring and thin lizzy.
6:31 pm
the taliban are not alone for the disdain of the tactic. the commander of the marine said he was unaware of the psychological warfare and said, "it's inappropriate. i am going to ask it to stop right now." $150,000 of your tax money will be used to build a tunnel underneath a busy vermont road for use by salamanders in a hurry to mate. the "new york times" say think just awarded the contract and it seems thousands of salamander cross the road every spring to get to a favorite swamp for mating and each night half of them and up at road kill. we're not sure how salamanders will know to use the tunnel or where it is, but the human reaction to the expenditure is known. one supporter says right on, we can't brag about the forest and wildlife without doing that you are best to keep them healthy. an opponent says i realize there are other stupid things my tax dollars goes toward, but this is near the top of
6:32 pm
the list. this is a fox news alert. u.s. geological agency says there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in sumatra. go to for latest details and we'll update you if we have further information. now to intelligenintelligen in gathering information to keep american safe. catherine herridge reports on a meeting today aimed to identify what is going right and what isn't. good evening. >> reporter: thank you, jim. the conference which examined the state of intelligence reform put the attempted christmas day bombing under the microscope. the incident that could have killed 300 was claimed by al-qaeda in yemen. a senior democrat on the house security committee said the american cleric part of the group's leadership is clearly a high-priority target.
6:33 pm
>> probably the person that's threat number one against us is a duel citizen, u.s.-yemeni. >> among the panelist was former c.i.a. director michael hayden who criticized the handling of the suspected bomber umar farouk abdulmutallab who was read his right and given an lawyer within hours after attempted to blow up airplane with explosives concealed in his underwear. they talked about how it was not the nation's top intelligence official. >> the fact that director blair was not as visible as john was, in the aftermath of the december 25 thing is something 100,000 people in the intelligence community i'm sure took note of. not a good thing. >> he asked in hindsight if
6:34 pm
he should have take an more public role. >> i'd spend less time worrying about counting minutes for the camera and more time counting accomplishments i make behind the scene. >> senior government official tells fox white house has centralized intelligence issues to the point it does not want those who advise on intelligence matters such as denny blair to be reinforcing policy. it could have the appearance of undercutting blair. the spokesperson for the national security council did not return our request for comment. >> jim: thank you. we still do not know for sure if the men accused of planning the 9/11 attacks will end up in civilian or military court, but correspondent molly henneberg reports that the president is feeling pressure from the left to stay on his original course. >> in this video called urgent video to president obama some 9/11 families want the president to stick to his decision and try the 9/11 cospc coconspirators in civilian
6:35 pm
court not in military commission. >> we watched you accept the office of the presidency, we took heart that your message of change and hope would bring us justice. because you would ensure those accused of murdering the loved ones would be brought before court of law on american soil. >> according to the web site, the left-leaning group seeks, "effective non-violent responses to terrorism." their are concerned the president is going to "back down." >> we want you to know we consider buckling to political pressure the wrong thing to do. >> the initial plan to try detainees in federal court in manhattan hit a wall with the new york city officials and some democratic lawmaker lawmak congress because of cost and white house concerns. today the white house says they're looking at all available alternatives. >> we're still a few weeks away from a decision.
6:36 pm
i would say we're looking at many possibilities. >> if it's military commission it would be a blow to the left. >> this goes against what any liberal would think of due process, rule of law and so i think it's a huge, huge disappointment. >> but supporters say he's coming around to what make sense. >> highest level of due process, for the court-martial system used to try our own service men. >> the republican senator lindsey graham said if president obama agrees to try the 9/11 conspirators than graham will work to win support for closing gitmo. molly henneberg fox news. >> jim: president obama changes rules for the use of nuclear weapons. we talk about that with the fox all-stars in three
6:37 pm
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we are reducing the role and number of weapons in our arsenal while maintaining a safe, secure and effective deterrent to protect our nation, allies and partners. >> jim: well, there is secretary clinton along with any number of other officials who were announcing fundamental change in u.s. nuclear policy today. bring in the panel, steven hayes, krondi and charles krauthammer. the interesting thing about this, there are all sort of interesting things about it. the u.s. promises not to use nuclear weapons against countries that don't have them. i didn't know it was the policy to begin with, but nevertheless, for decades, the u.s. kept over the
6:41 pm
possibility of using nuclear weapons against under certain circumstances against the soviet union in particular if necessary. now president obama is changing that, narrowing the circumstances and the number of countries who might be threatened, charles. what does this mean in practice? why now? >> let me tell you one scenario they brought up. if the united states is attacked by a country with a biologic or chemical weapon under the old policy of every administration for decades our response is we will obliterate that country with the nuclear response. that has been the clinton policy, reagan policy, everybody. now we have a new policy that if that occurs, before we would retaliate in that way, the white house lawyers would ascertain if that country is in compliance with the proliferation, nuclear proliferation treaty. if it is, and kept up with the iaea inspections, it gets
6:42 pm
immunity from the massive nuclear retaliation. it gets instead retaliation with the tnt and marines shooting guns. this is either insane or ridiculous. i can't decide. i report you decide. the greatest war crime in history is committed let's say in boston and we will look to see if the country is in compliance with the iaea regulation? to determine if it's immunized from a nuclear retaliation or not. secondly, more importantly is the idea we are not going to use nukes defending ally or deferring an attack on ally with conventional weapons. we kept the peace for 50 years where the soviet had a huge advantage in tanks and could have occupied western europe overnight. from kennedy on, we had a
6:43 pm
policy of extended deterrent. you attack with tanks and we retaliate and moscow disappears. is it a credible threat? who knows. the russians had to worried about it and it was our policy up until obama and now it disappears. if you are an ally what do you think of america as your defender and america as deterrent of attack on you. >> we have not ruled out first use. ultraliberals want him to rule out first use. if there is an attack in europe, we have a nuclear umbrella over it and that is why he did not renounce first use. this, the amount of change here from the bush policy is minor. the fact is if -- what we said is if we get attacked with chemical and biological weapons, by iran or north
6:44 pm
korea, we can still respond with nukes. the lawyers believe me will far precede the attack. there will be a list. iran and north korea are on notice. further more, obama said that he wants to get rid of all nuclear weapons. this is moving in that direction very, very slowly. we have going to have $1,500 nuclear warheads under the stark treaty and not renouncing first use, et cetera. it's amazing, not only did ronald reagan want to get rid of the nuclear weapon, geor schultz does, henry kissinger does. obama is more realistic than they are. >> here is what i can't figure out. there were 150 meetings about this and president said to intervene in many of them. what has he ruled out? one thing said today is we'd
6:45 pm
only use nuclear weapons in extreme circumstances. well, i would hope so! >> interesting i agree with part of what mort said and part of what charles said. the policy is more incon herent than charles suggested because if you look at the first example, after they ineffect they rule out the counterattack after a kem bioattack then they say we revides, we could revise our opinion and reconsider the attack if we decide to. of course. of course you can. this is classic obama. big on language, big on rhetoric. the changes are not earth-shattering. what it does is sets up the united states as the good example once again. he seems to think this is an effective way to conduct nuclear policy. the lessons of the past 30 years suggest otherwise. we reduced our warheads from 10,000 to five and 6,000.
6:46 pm
we haven't designed a new warhead. there are all sort of things we've done to set a good example over the past several decades, yet the world is becoming more and more nuclear and more dangerous. >> one other thing. the real danger is iran and north korea. hillary clinton just got through advising the leadership of congress not to go ahead with a conference committee report on a bill calling for gasoline embargoes. that is counterproductive. >> jim: why not? >> well, because we ought to be threaten i threatening a gas embargo -- >> jim: but why did she call not to do it? >> they don't want to hurt the iranian population. you don't sanctions that cripple without hurting the population. >> i have to correct you on the use of nukes. declared use of nukes as we have had for 50 years.
6:47 pm
protecting an ally with conventional weapons. under this new policy, it doesn't exist. no first use or not. >> jim: we have to go. >> takes away nuclear umbrella. >> jim: next up, the iraqi surge in violence. go to the home page at and tell us what you think the u.s. should do about it by voting in the online poll. the panel returns after the break. the smell of home made chili whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes... keeping your house smelling like it should. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home.
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>> jim: this is a fox news alert. the u.s. geological survey says magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked sumatra. local tsunami watch is in effect for indonesia. the u.s. geological survey told fox news sunday they considered it a normal year for activity despite quakes in haiti, chile and last
6:51 pm
weekend in mexico. you can go to for latest defails and watch "fox report" at the top of the hour for more information. we're back with the panel. there has been a wave of violence in iraq in recent days. 49 more people killed today in coordinated bombings. one reason ayad allawi a candidate for prime minister is warning the u.s. not to pull troops out too soon. >> that should be a formational government and then they should leave, but without government taking care of the country, that's time for withdrawal. >> i think many expected insurgents would use this time to roll back progress militarily and politically that we have seen in iraq. >> okay. there you have robert gibbs at the white house. allawi, charles, is saying hold on, guys, don't get excited. if the violence is still too
6:52 pm
much, you don't want to leave on the schedule you're planning to leaf on, which is taking about half the american troops out in august. >> allawi won the election, he's moderate, pro-american candidate to become prime minister and the most anti-iran. he understand what is is going on now. is the instability you get in a country, when there is a change of government and negotiation over who is going to form the new government. we saw that after the election of 2005. where there were months of instability and it went in a downward spiral and year or two of civil war. his problem is that the americans are standing down and they are leaving on the face of a timetable. biden was over in iraq a few weeks ago and he said we, this is a situation where this could be one of the great successes of the obama administration. if we support the iraqis at the time of maximum stress right now. the problem is that the president seems uninterested
6:53 pm
in iraq except to wash his hands and get out on a fixed timetable. it's a matter of a few months until probably mid-summer. when the future of iraq will be determine and to be drawing away, drawing down and displaying a complete lack of interest in what is happening from the highest level here is extremely unhelpful at the moment of maximum danger. >> the president said he was going to withdrawal responsibly from iraq. the violence is not what it was in 2006 and 2007 when you had a virtual civil war going on but it's escalating. i don't expect him to make a decision tomorrow that we are going to stick around, but if the violence escalates and the instability continues, then it would be irresponsible of him to pull the troops out in order to meet a deadline. his election is not until 2012. he can drag this out a little longer if it means to keep a
6:54 pm
stable iraq. we expended so many treasuries and so many laws to -- many lives that to withdrawal for sake of a schedule is irresponsible. >> he needs to say we're there to keep the peace. it understand he will get grief from the left flank if he says we're going to stay longer than i promised but he needs to do something and send some message we will not allow this to unravel. this is time for one of the president's, trademark. stays of certainty. the plet me be clear -- let me be clear. we will not allow iraq town ravel. >> you heard the earlier peace where he said democracy has been hijacked here. perhaps by the working of iran. >> iran is trying to destabilize iraq for six or seven years and secondly trying to influence the fact that we're not competing to
6:55 pm
establish a government. a lot of governments negotiating with how a government would be formed in baghdad. there are no delegations who have gone to the american embassy. the reason is people are looking around and thinking who is going to protect us and who is not? who is going to be around and who will be gone? a signal from the u.s. we might stay around and assist and keep some stability would be able to, would give us the opportunity of exerting influence and who ends up as the leader of the government, that it's pro-american government, not pro-iranian. >> jim: mort, iran is the biggest problem in the region for us, in spite of the fact we have the hostilities in afghanistan and iraq. what should be the policy if you are looking at iran and trying to figure out how to keep them at bay? >> two, you want to keep them at bay. charles is right. we should be exerting influence here. this is a clear invitation by allawi for us to get involved here. allawi used to say that he
6:56 pm
wanted the united states to leave on schedule. presumably the united states is unpopular. here you have the prime minister elect saying we want you to stay. >> jim: okay. that is it for panel. stay tuned to see where to get news of the future. oh, you will love this one. . you look beautiful tonight. allow me.
6:57 pm
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>> jim: and finally tonight, those who cover the animal kingdom say frogs can give advance warning about earthquakes which jay leno examined more closely. >> they had a thing on the discovery channel and they show how the toad predicted -- it's very subtle. watch this. >> yeah, this there is going to be an earthquake on thursday. [ laughter ] >> jim: one of t


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